How to order

How to order

When ordering our units please remember the following points:

Our units have a standard height of 860mm and a standard depth of 300mm, however you can have our units made any width within the listed size ranges.


Select the size range that your width requirement falls into, for example if you require a 625mm width vanity unit, please select the size range 601mm-650mm. When you are in the checkout procedure, please fill out the exact size you require in the notes section.


Please select using the drop down options which colour shade you require and what type of handle you would like.


When you order from us, we always include a flush fitting plinth, but to supply the correct amount  we will contact you to obtain which units, if any, will be formed as a run.


When ordering a W/C unit please remember to order a concealed cistern if you haven't already got one, this will come complete with instructions for easy mounting in to our unit.